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Name: Narayan S. Hosmane
Title: Distinguished Research Professor & Inaugural Board
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office Phone: 8157533556
Home Phone: (815) 754-1205
Expertise: Dr. Hosmane is widely acknowledged to have an international reputation as “one of the world leaders in an interesting, important, and very active area of boron chemistry that is related to Cancer Research” and as “one of the most influential boron chemists practicing today.” Hosmane has received numerous international awards that include but are not limited to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Senior U.S. Scientist Award twice; the BUSA Award for Distinguished Achievements in Boron Science; the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Distinguished Chair of Chemistry at the University of Hyderabad, India; the Gauss Professorship of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences in Germany, and the Senior International Visiting Professor and Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. He has published over 285 papers in leading scientific journals.
Topics: Chemistry
Last Updated: 3/13/2013