Experts Guide

Name: Tao Xu
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office Phone: 815-753-6357
Expertise: Professor Xu's research focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization and applications of novel energy and environment-related materials and structures. Prof. Xu studies a variety of functionalized nanomaterials and nanoarchitectures for energy conversion, energy storage, catalysis, and safety monitoring. Prof. Xu’ research group also pursue basic science understanding of charge and atom transfer processes at the interfaces in various energy systems including solar cells, battery, fuel cells, and sensors. Prof. Xu is an expert in energy science and has published over 35 peer-reviewed journal papers in the field and has one licensed patent. He was also awarded for the National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2012. He was invited to give colloquium talks in various institutes and developed novel methods towards highly-efficient photovoltaic solar cells. Prof. Xu also teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses including General Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynaics and Kinetics, and NanoChemistry.
Topics: ChemistryEnergy
Last Updated: 3/13/2013