Experts Guide

Name: J.D. Bowers
Title: Assoc Professor and Assoc Vice Provost
Department: History
Office Phone: 815-753-7829
Expertise: Areas of research and interest: Religious history, genocide and human rights, the United States and the World, colonialism/imperialism, and history and social studies education. Courses: History of Genocide (HIST 387)which focuses on the themes, theories, and case studies of the causes, course, and consequences of genocide; Peace, Justice, and the International Courts (POLS/Honors, Study Abroad)a two-week program in The Hague, Holland at the International Criminal Court focusing on justice and reparations in post-genocide societies; Cyprus Study Abroad Program (HIST/POLS) focuses on the history and developments of the Cyprus conflict since 1960 and the legacy of division. Currently writing two books: one on the history of the Cyprus conflict that explores the role of religion, unresolved military and political divisions, and how a society remains unsettled in the face of lasting ethnic hatreds and tensions; the second book is a history of genocide and colonialism, focusing on both the colonial period of genocide (1600s-1890s) and the legacy of the colonial structures (post WWII to the present). Courses taught: US History (both halves of the survey); History of Genocide; History of Religion in America (both to and since 1865); History of the Pacific Islands; Secondary (gr. 6-12) Teaching Methods in History and Social Studies; Student Teaching Seminar. Professional Roles: Director of Secondary Teacher Certification in History/Social Studies; Director of Genocide and Human Rights Summer Institute; Grant Evaluator for several Teaching American History grants; several national committees (NCPH, NCSS); Senior Reviewer for AP/College Board APUS Audit.
Topics: Human RightsGenocideHistory
Last Updated: 3/13/2013