Experts Guide

Name: Diane Rodgers
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Sociology
Office Phone: 815-753-1984
Expertise: My areas of interest include Social Theory; Science and Technology Studies (STS); Social Movements. Recently involved in researching the history of the local Finnish population of DeKalb, in particular the Temperance and labor organizations. Was featured in NIU Today for the work with graduate and undergraduate students to help with preservation and landmark status of one of the old Finn Halls. My book Debugging the Link Between Social Theory and Social Insects is a critical science studies look at nineteenth and early twentieth century entomologists and sociologists creating theories of a hierarchically ranked social system. Descriptions of ants, bees, wasps and termite societies were compared to human societies to create these ideas of race, class and gender social rankings. Recent Courses Taught: Classical Social Theory, Contemporary Social Theory, Social Movements
Topics: Science & TechnologySocial Movements
Last Updated: 3/13/2013