Experts Guide

Name: Rodrigo Villanueva
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Music
Office Phone: 815-753-3425
Home Phone: 608-758-4698
Expertise: Villanueva is a drummer, composer and arranger. He teaches jazz arranging, jazz drumset, and coaches the NIU Jazz Lab Band and the NIU Jazz Combos. He is involved in many jazz projects such as Eddie Gomez Trio, Rodrigo Villanueva jazz Trio/Quartet, Sada Jazz Trio, The Jan Wheaton Jazz Quartet, Panoramic, and the Rodrigo Villanueva U.N. Jazz Trio. Some of his works for jazz ensemble are available through Walrus Music and Increase Music. In addition, he is a collaborator with jazz, drumming and product reviews for the Musico Pro magazine. He has performed in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Korea and the U.S. He is the producer and drummer on the ©2010 Jazzling Records EDDIE GOMEZ TRIO ~ Live in Mexico City.
Topics: Music
Last Updated: 6/25/2012