Experts Guide

Name: Scot Schraufnagel
Title: Asst. Prof/Graduate Studies Director
Department: Political Science
Office Phone: 815/753-1011
Expertise: Dr. Schraufnagel (Ph.D., Florida State University) is an assistant professor and acting director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Political Science. His research and teaching specialties are U.S. Congress, political parties, elections, and the U.S. presidency, with an emphasis on promoting a civil, representative, and effective legislative process in the United States. He has a broad interest in institutional effectiveness and policy making, with a particular academic focus on legislative innovation. His published works have dealt with specific public policy innovations, institutional arrangements that promote effective elections (world-wide), partisan difference in the U.S. Congress, and the factors associated with a productive U.S. legislature. Professor Schraufnagel has been recognized for teaching excellence by his previous university, earning a university-wide teaching award, and by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development. Dr. Schraufnagel is a member of the American Political Science Association, the Midwest Political Science Association, and the Southern Political Science Association
Topics: ElectionsU.S. CongressU.S. PresidencyPolitics
Last Updated: 6/25/2012