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EWB-NIU is continually working towards the opportunity to assist those occupying third world countries.  In partnership with various members of other EWB chapters, one of our main goals is to effectively and efficiently create sustainability beyond the borders of the United States. These are the links to the main projects our chapter organization undertakes each year.

Throughout the year, EWB-NIU host numerous public relations and fundraising events to promote the many projects we aim to complete. Funding will allow our organization to implement cost-efficient and effective portable water designs for the iCATIS project. Funding will also contribute to research in other areas of sustainability


iCATIS (international Center for Appropriate Technology and Indigenous Sustainability)

The NIU chapter focuses on alleviating water quality issues in Guanajuato, Mexico. This project is separately sponsored by the international Center for Appropriate Technology and Indigenous Sustainability (iCATIS). Our objective is to effectively remove anthropogenic and environmental contaminants from this economically-limited community, we aim to research and develop filtration attachments to existing ceramic filtration designs. These filtration designs will reduce turbidity and eliminate bacteria within the current water source.



Our most significant project, thus far, was our trip to Tanzania. This was our main project affiliated with EWB-USA.

The five-year project, in which EWB-USA partnered with students in Tanzania, aimed to provide solar energy for a school in the Nyegina village of Musoma, Tanzania. Recently, a project has been implemented to solve food preparation issues within the school. The impact of this food-preparation project will continue to reduce the schools operating costs. In return, school tuition will be lowered and this will enable more students to attend. To effectively and efficiently implement the final design of the project, an in-depth site assessment will be necessary.