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2017 Annual Mandatory Employees Ethics Training

The State of Illinois mandates that all employees on the payroll of State agencies and universities must complete an annual mandatory online ethics training program. All regular and temporary, part-time and full-time faculty, administrative/supportive professional staff, operating staff/civil service employees, graduate assistants, student employees, affiliates, and extra help employees working at Northern Illinois University are required by the State to take the on-line training.

We are directed by the Office of the Executive Inspector General that employees on leaves of absence including sabbaticals, educational, and unpaid leaves are required to participate in the on-line training process. Exceptions are made for employees on approved FMLA and disability leave that lasts through the entire training period. Approved leave employees will be required to complete an alternative ethics training process upon their return.

We appreciate the cooperation of all employees in completing this mandatory training during the period October 16 through November 14, 2017. 


Go to:

Example: John L. Smith
birthday is June 5 of any given year

- User ID: johnlsmith0605
- Password: ethics#123
(After entering this default password, you must create a new personal password with at least six characters that include at least one number). The password is case sensitive.