Environmental Studies Minor


Minor in Environmental Studies


The environmental studies minor is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program that allows undergraduates in any degree program to study environmental concepts, issues, and problems from the viewpoints and with the approaches of the natural and social sciences.


ENVS 301 Environmental Science 1: Physical Systems
ENVS 302 Environmental Science 2: Biological Systems
ENVS 303 Environment in the Social Sciences and Humanities
ENVS 304 Environmental Law, Policy and Economics
ENVS 305 Green Technologies

Select one of the following humanities and social sciences courses

ANTH 425 Environment and Anthropology
ECON 386 Environmental Economics
HIST 377 American Environmental History
SOCI 364 Environmental Sociology
PHIL 335 Environmental Ethics
POLS 220 Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 324 Environmental Law and Policy

Select one of the following science, engineering, and technology courses

BIOS 106 Environmental Biology
BIOS 406 Conservation Biology
GEOG 253 Environment and Society
GEOG 303 Water Resources and the Environment
GEOG 455 Land Use Planning
GEOL 105 Environmental Geology
GEOL 320 Environments Life Through Time
MEE 101 Energy and the Environment
TECH 245 Pollution, Pestilence, Prevention and the cost of doing business