Engaged Learning


Northern Illinois University and the ESE Institute strongly encourage all students to get involved in research with faculty while they study at NIU. The Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning coordinates several programs that get students directly involved in faculty research.

The examples of research projects listed below are taken from the 2012 Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day where students showcase their research.

College of Engineering & Engineering Technology

Smart Window
Design system for controlling when windows are opened and closed.

Biodiesel Program
Project for NIU transportation to buy a biodiesel converter to convert dining hall oil into huskie bus fuel.

DC-DC Boost Converter
Design a DC-DC boost converter that will be able to adjust in real time.

Smart Thermostat
Allows homeowners to have control over the heating in each room.

The Effects of Vaporized Gasoline on Low Horsepower Motors
Design an apparatus to reduce harmful emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery Drive System Evaluation
Familiarize research into hybrid and electric motor vehicle battery and drive systems.

College of Engineering & Engineering Technology & College of Health & Human Sciences

Guatemala City Landfill
Environmental Impacts on the Health of City Residents.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Induced Plant Defenses
Explain the processes of plant defense systems.

The Energy Return on the Investments of California Oil Fields: 1977-2009
Calculate the energy return of given oil fields.

Extreme Thresholds Important to a Weather-Sensitive Decision Maker
Promote the importance of weather information for agricultural and energy industries.

Advancing the Hydrogen Sensor for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Promote the understanding of hydrogen fuel cells.

Feed'Em Soup Inventory System
Design an inventory system for the local non-profit, Feed 'Em Soup.