William Mills

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Engineering Technology

SG 211C
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Environmental Focus

Dr. Mills research interests include: occupation and environmental exposure monitoring and modeling; Environmental Fate and Transport-Measurement and Modeling’; Real-time Sensor Technologies for Environmental Health & Safety; Pollution Control/Pollution Prevention Technologies; Workplace Ergonomics and Statistical Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

Building Energy Efficiency and Management (BEEAM) Laboratory

Dr. Kevin Martin and Dr. William Mills, professors in the Department Engineering and Engineering Technology, lead the Building Energy Efficiency and Management (BEEAM) laboratory.

Students and faculty working with this lab focus on building energy efficiency through research on building technologies including lighting systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and solar photovoltaic energy resources.

The BEEAM laboratory is used to teach students energy auditing concepts and to research spectrally enhanced lighting and LED luminaire design, application specific energy reductions from VFDs, and passive solar tracking system.