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Wes Swingley

Wes Swingley Photo

Biological Sciences

MO 334
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Environmental Focus

Dr. Swingley's research focuses on three approaches to tackle the central challenges in analyzing complex environmental communities: 1) to develop novel computational techniques to inform a new generation of genomic and community genomic data; 2) to model the co-evolution of organisms and the environment; and 3) to illuminate the evolutionary origin and history of phenotypes and environmental adaptation.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Students interested in research in all areas of microbiology and microbial ecology are encouraged to inquire about student opportunities in the Swingley lab. Research in the lab focuses on integrating microbial processes with environmental changes, especially in extreme systems, from man-made waste sites to early Earth or extraterrestrial environments analogs. Students will learn skills in both traditional microbiology--including culturing, microscopy, and biochemical characterization--as well as modern sequencing and sequence analysis--including DNA isolation and amplification and high-throughput sequence parsing and analysis. For more information, please visit the Swingley lab website

Past Student Research Projects

  • Microbial culturing from alkaline waste waters
  • Sequence analysis of ribosomal surveys
  • Geochemical characterization of prairie soil
  • Bioinformatics tool development