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Tomoyuki Shibata

Tomoyuki Shibata Photo

Public Health

WZ 258
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Environmental Focus

Dr. Shibata is an international scholar, who evaluates social and environmental determinants of health quantitatively in order to assist decision-makers in designing and implementing appropriate systems that will protect public health effectively locally and globally.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Dr. Shibata has mentored and trained not only students at NIU but also students, young professionals, and professors from all over the world through Global Environmental Health LAB (GEH LAB), a not-for-profit organization. GEH LAB promotes and supports safe and healthy environments on a local, regional, and global scale conducting collaborative public health-related research, scientific engagement, and capability building activities. GEH LAB conducts variety of interdisciplinary projects associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Please contact Dr. Shibata for research, study abroad, and internship opportunities. Don’t forget to like us on GEH LAB Facebook page.     

Past Student Research Projects

  • Guatemala City Landfill: Environmental Impacts on the Health of City Residents (USOAR)
  • Food Security Measurement in the US (USOAR)
  • Health literacy in Nigeria
  • Community and Occupational Health in Myanmar
  • Assessing Individual Interventions and Need for Policy Interventions to Reduce PM Exposure in Indonesia
  • Social and Environmental Factors that Affect Childhood Pneumonia in Indonesia
  • Infants' Arsenic Exposures from Drinking Water and Dietary Ingestion in the US
  • Perception of Health Risk and Causes of Under-Five Mortality in Ghana
  • Domestic Hygiene Behavior and Childhood Diarrhea in Indonesia