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Nick Barber

Nick Barber Photo

Biological Sciences

MO 449
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Environmental Focus

Dr. Barber's research explores how environmental and biotic factors shape communities of plants, insects, and other organisms. He uses manipulative experiment and observational approaches to understand the direct and indirect interactions between species and the consequences of these interactions for ecosystems. He is particularly interested in understanding the outcomes of these interactions in ecosystems managed or restored by people.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Opportunities are available for students for greenhouse and laboratory studies of plants and insects, and possibly field studies of restored communities at Nachusa Grasslands. Barber Lab Website

Past Student Research Projects

  • Trophic recovery in restored tallgrass prairies
  • Insect communities in managed forest preserves (Honors capstone student project)
  • Restored tallgrass prairies (Research Rookies student project)
  • Mycorrhizal mediation of induced plant defense
  • Above- and belowground ecological interactions
  • Phenological variation and herbivory

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