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Melissa Lenczewski

Melissa Lenczewski Photo

Geology & Environmental Geosciences

DH 411
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Environmental Focus

She studies organic pollution, polluted groundwater, and the changes in microorganisms associated with the pollution.  Her main research investigates the impacts of tourist activities on groundwater in Yucatan, Mexico.  Dr. Lenczewski also studies the microorganisms associated with the steel slag pollution (high pH values up to 13.3) in Calumet, Illinois.  Joint projects with other ESE faculty include: microbial communities and climate change in Canada (Goldblum); antibiotics in runoff from concentrated animal farming operations (Thu); and impacts of drilling fluids in deep sub-surface environments in Antarctica (Scherer).

Current Student Research Opportunities

There are always opportunities for students interested in lab work, and in field work in Illinois and Mexico. Dr. Lenczewski is also working on grants to increase the number of Latino students in Environmental Studies. 

Past Student Research Projects

Ask Dr. Lenczewski for more information!