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Karen E. Samonds

Karen E. Samonds Photo

Biological Sciences

MO 349
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Environmental Focus

Karen’s research integrates comparative anatomy, systematics, and biogeography with field paleontology to address topics in vertebrate evolution. Her paleontological field research aims to shed light on the origin and evolutionary history of Madagascar’s modern fauna, one of the most unique and endemic on the planet.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Opportunities are available for students to prepare, identify, and describe subfossils from Madagascar. As small mammal communities are correlated with major habitat types, this data is useful for making paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

Past Student Research Projects

  • Dental macrowear in Malagasy lemurs
  • Cenozoic crocodylians from Madagascar
  • The functional morphology and biomechanics of extant and extinct felids and canids
  • The skeletal system and forensic Anthropology
  • Intensive independent study of Head & Neck Anatomy and Dental Anatomy
  • Subfossil hippopotamus from Madagascar
  • Acetic acid preparation of Miocene bat fossils