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Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson Photo

Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences

DH 214
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Environmental Focus

His research interests include public and environmental health, medical geography, and hazards. Currently he has been focusing on geographic information systems (GIS) applications and geographical approaches in environmental health (air pollution and water quality) and hazards (radiation and populations vulnerable to storm surges). He is also interested in agricultural systems. He currently teaches courses in maps and mapping, which is a foundational course for the GIS certificate, medical/health geography (GIS focus), and environment and society.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Students can engage in a wide range of mapping and GIS projects on environmental and public health topics.  Research opportunities can also include Open Source GIS applications in Citizen Science, Public Participatory GGIS, and Volunteered Geographic Information.

Past Student Research Projects

  • Measuring antibiotic resistance in local streams
  • Landscape genetics and pathogens
  • GIS application: delimiting medically fragile populations at risk from tropical storm surges