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Holly Jones

Holly Jones Photo

Biological Sciences

MO 349
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Environmental Focus

Dr. Jones is a restoration ecologist and works at the intersections of ecological theory, community ecology, invasive species biology, and ecosystem ecology. Her research interests include using ecosystem resilience theory and ecosystem service theory to prioritize restoration, and using geospatial information to prioritize climate change adaptation strategies. The unifying theme of Dr. Jones’ research is applying basic ecological theory to answer fundamental applied questions.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Students interested in restoration, conservation, or the intersection between climate change and restoration are encouraged to apply to student opportunities available in Holly Jones’ lab. Dr. Jones’ lab will train students to foster curiosity about how ecosystems work and their underlying ecology and to pursue ecological research that enhances environmental stewardship. Their research focuses on how best to prioritize restoration, the links between ecosystem restoration/conservation and human well-being in the face of global climate change, and maximizing restoration gains and investigating restoration trajectories at the local, regional, and global scale. For additional information about Dr. Jones’ research and the application process, please go to the Jones Lab Website.

Past Student Research Projects

  • Gauging the response of small mammal populations to restoration of fire and native grazers
  • The effects of replanting and bison reintroduction on prairie grassland birds
  • Cormorant diet in southern Lake Michigan
  • Threatened Island Species
  • Island recovery following invasive rodent removal in New Zealand