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Erick Carlson

 Erick Carlson

Environmental Studies and Geography

DH 209 

Environmental Focus

Dr. Carlson is a broadly trained ecologist with research interests including wetland and riparian ecology, agro-ecosystems and ecosystem services in human dominated landscapes. His research has also included river geomorphology and GIS. Dr. Carlson’s research has been focused on western landscapes and he is currently looking to broaden his experiences and bring knowledge gained to the Midwest.

Current Student Research Opportunities

As a new faculty at NIU, Dr. Carlson is working to develop research projects to engage students. Those with interests in wetlands, agricultural landscapes, GIS, water quality and plant communities are encouraged to contact him.

Past Student Research Projects

Dr. Carlson has had undergraduate and graduate students assist in research projects related to riparian plant communities and nitrogen cycling in wetlands in agricultural land in Colorado.