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Emily McKee

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GS 517A
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Environmental Focus

Dr. McKee specializes in environmental and Middle East anthropology. Past research examined land conflict and socio-environmental movements in the Negev/Naqab region of Israel. Current research focuses on cross-border water use among Palestinian, Jordanian, and Israeli water conservationists, as well as the reactions of local residents to water scarcity, resource competition, and conservation campaigns. Prof. McKee also anticipates conducting future ethnographic research in the United States to learn about environmental justice campaigns. Across these field sites, she is interested in the drawing and policing of group boundaries; experiences of agriculture, urbanization, and environmental change; and environmental sustainability activism.

Current Student Research Opportunities

Students interested in water conservation, international water disputes, and Middle East studies are encouraged to contact Dr. McKee about opportunities for ethnographic field research and interview analysis. English-only speakers, as well as those with Hebrew or Arabic proficiency, are welcome. Opportunities for student involvement are also available for an early-stage research project investigating alternative farming/agriculture and sustainability in the U.S. Midwest. 

Past Student Research Projects

  • Survey of Northern Illinois farmers
  • Transcription and qualitative coding of interviews regarding cross-border water use in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan