Student Organizations


Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife (CPW)

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  • CPW is a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness and the appreciation of the natural world.
  • They strive to protect and conserve wildlife, and prevent environmental degradation.
  • Established in 1972.
  • Current projects include the campaign to ban polystyrene, volunteer work days at the Nachusa Grasslands, and the annual plant sale.

Environmental Studies Club (ESC)

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  • A professional development organization for students to gain experience outside of the classroom.
  • The Environmental Studies Club is an organization that strives to provide a much cleaner environment at Northern Illinois as well as provide for a building ground in the professionalism of our members. This group is our effort in helping develop a much more self sustainable and greener campus for students to live. There are a multitude of activities that members can get involved in, including, but not limited to, community service, job site visits, workshops, field trips, cooperative events with other organizations on campus, and many more.
  • Constitution

Green Paws Environmental Alliance (Green PEAs)

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  • NIU's environmental activism student organization
  • Promotes a peaceful revolution
  • The Green Paws Environmental Alliance, also known as the Green PEAs, is dedicated to inspiring environmental activism in students at NIU. By raising awareness about pertinent issues facing our local and global communities, they design, lead, and implement projects as a means of solving environmental and humanitarian issues. 
  • Current and past projects include encouraging reusable water bottles on campus, bike lane advocacy, supporting community gardens, and composting. Each spring the Green PEA's host "ReUse-Apalooza", a music and artist collaboration to promote the 3 R's and each fall the group puts together an Environmental Fair for the NIU community to collaborate on their current environment-related projects.

    Illinois Lakes Management Association (ILMA)

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    • This student organization promotes understanding and comprehensive management of lake and watershed ecosystems.
    • They are a student organization at Northern Illinois University that is primarily concerned with the preservation of our nations valuable water resources.

    The complete list of recognized student organizations at NIU can be found through the Student Association.

    (Note: this list may not always be kept up-to-date)