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Frequently Asked Questions:

Delegate Information

What is Shared Access?
Shared access allows a student to grant, up to 2 individuals, access to view their student information. The student can limit the information that these other parties can view.

What information can be shared?
The student can grant access to information such as: Academics, Admissions, Financials, Financial Aid, and To Do List.

What is my PIN number used for?
Your PIN number allows access to the student's shared information. For security reasons, PIN numbers will not be sent to by email; you will receive the PIN number directly from the student. If you contact the university to obtain student information, a staff member will ask you for your PIN number to verify your identity.

Can the student revoke my ability to access information?

Yes. The student has the ability to remove access to any area at any time.

What do I need to do to view the student's information?
After the student grants you access, you will be sent information by email on how to set up your account. You must read and accept the Terms and Conditions before you are able to access the student's information.

What if more than one student shares information with me?
If you have more than one student sharing information with you, you only need to set up your account once. However, you are required to accept the terms and conditions agreement separately for each student. Only the student(s) you have accepted terms and conditions for will show in the proxy center and have viewable information.

Can I set up my access using the same browser session my student granted it from?
Yes, however your student needs to completely log out of MyNIU before you are able to log in to set up your account.

Student Information

What is Shared Access?
Shared access allows a student to grant access to view their student records information to other parties. A student can grant access to 2 people to view their student information.  The student can limit the area that these other parties can view.

What access can I grant?
As a student, you can select these items to share: Academics, Admissions, Financials, Financial Aid, and To Do List..

Do I have to grant all of these areas?
No, you can choose which areas to grant access to. You can also change or completely remove access at any time.

How do I grant access to my information?
Login into MyNIU, navigate to Self Service in the Student Center, and select Share My Information. 

What information do I need to set-up Shared Access?
You will need the delegate's name and email address. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the categories you wish to grant access to.  You will create a PIN code for your delegate. The system will send an email message notifying the person you have shared information with. However, you MUST supply the PIN code to your delegate, for security purposes the PIN code is NOT part of the notification email they receive.

How do I "re-send" the invitation to become a delegate, if the information is lost or not received?
From the Student Center page, click the Share My Information button.  Click Edit next to the delegate's name and then click Resend Email Notification. This will re-send the original email notification.

Additional Help

For help or technical assistance contact the ITS HelpDesk at 815-753-8100.