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Use the links below to access the appropriate training materials for your area. All materials require login using your University AccountID and Password. You will be able to access Job Aids and other supportive materials that are specific to your department. For help viewing a secure Job Aid, click here.

Attendance Tracking
Entering a reason for a missed class Job Aid 12/2015
Viewing an Attendance Report Job Aid 12/2015
Schedule of Classes
Adjusting Existing Honors Sections Job Aid 04/2011
Checking Facility Usage Job Aid
See It!
Course Session Information Job Aid 06/2011
Creating New Combined Sections Job Aid 03/2012
Defining General Permissions Job Aid 06/2011
Defining Student Specific Permissions Job Aid 06/2011
Editing Existing Combined Sections Job Aid 08/2011
Enabling a Wait List for a Class Section/Combined Class Job Aid 04/2014
Modifying Class Meetings Job Aid 03/2011
Printing Schedule of Classes Job Aid 04/2011
Removing Combined Sections Job Aid 08/2011
Scheduling a New Class Job Aid 02/2013
Scheduling an Existing Class
Setting Up a New Honors Section Job Aid 04/2011
Setting Up Reserve Capacity
Tips for Combining Sections Job Aid 03/2012
Using Class Associations
Viewing an Instructor Schedule Job Aid 04/2011
Viewing and Updating Class Sections Job Aid 04/2011
Student Support
Emailing from NIU Customization Class Rosters Job Aid
See It!
Enrolling a Student with Audit Grading Basis Job Aid 04/2011
Printing Class Rosters Job Aid 05/2011
Semester Registration Information Link 02/2012
Using Quick Enroll to Add a Student to a Wait List when a Class is Full Job Aid 04/2014
Using Quick Enroll for an Approved Third Repeat Job Aid 04/2011
Using Quick Enroll to Drop a Student from a Wait List Job Aid 04/2014
Using Quick Enroll to Move a Student's Wait List Position Job Aid 04/2014
Using Quick Enroll / Overrides Job Aid 04/2011
Using the Enrollment Request Search Job Aid 04/2011
Viewing CBC Comments Job Aid 04/2011
Viewing a Class Section Wait List via Class roster Job Aid 04/2014

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