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Sustainability Interstest Living

How GREEN is Your Paw Print?  Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The introduction of the sustainability Themed Learning Community for fall of 2010 provides an ideal opportunity to offer students with these interests an opportunity to live together in a residence hall.

  • Integrates classroom and out-of-class experience within the residence halls
  • Open to students, of all majors, interested in environmental studies and sustainability
  • Provides a more seamless learning environment
  • Increases awareness of sustainability options at NIU and encourages further expansion of these programs
  • Fosters participation in special floor activities such as dinner discussions with faculty, trips to laboratories and industrial facilities, career-preparation activities, and social events

Requirements to live in the SET House

  • Freshmen must have a 21 or higher cumulative ACT score
  • Transfer students must have a 2.5 GPA for eligibility

10 rooms on D1 in Douglas Hall will be allocated for students interested in the Sustainability Living Community


With the growing demand for education on “green” topics, NIU will offer a new interdisciplinary environmental studies program that will include a newly reworked minor.  Other events taking place on campus related to sustainability issues include a Sustainability Governance Conference in April of 2010, scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students, environmental studies mini-grants and research grants, a speaker series, and study abroad experiences.

In 2010, freshmen will have the opportunity to engage in one of eight Themed Learning Communities (TLC) at NIU, “How GREEN is Your Paw Print?  Reducing Your Carbon Footprint.”  Students enrolled in this TLC will explore being green at NIU with other sustainability topics such as climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, energy use, and sustainable use of the planet’s resources.  This learning community allows students to register for three linked courses, Geography 253, the University Experience UNIV 101, and Communications 100, that will focus on sustainability. The syllabi of these courses will intentionally integrate learning throughout the semester on the topic of sustainability.   This program will bring together 25 students from multiple disciplines who are interested in a similar topic, being green.