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Welcome to the Science, Engineering & Technology House

The Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) House is located in the D wing of Douglas Hall, comprised of floor programs for:

  • General Science
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Computer Science

Living in SET House allows you to expand your career preparation through trips to regional laboratories and industrial facilities. Students who live in the SET House gain a valuable edge in these competitive technical fields through the networking with peers, teachers, and potential employers.Requirements:To live in the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) House, freshmen must have a 21+ ACT and major in engineering, computer science fields, or other related science fields. Incoming transfer students must have a 2.5 GPA to be eligible.

Sustainability Interest

How Green is Your Paw Print?

SET House residents benefit from specialized tutoring and class assistance, field trips to places of technical interest, fun activities, trips and social programming, and the support from a community of individuals taking the same types of classes.

Recent activities

  • Movie Night “Flow”
  • Trips Chicago Auto Show
  • Back Room Tour at BurpeeMuseum
  • Paw PawWind Farm
  • Science Surplus Store
  • Museum of Science and Industry

Many trips include meals

  • Taxco & Midwest Museum of Natural History


Future Events