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Sandra Puebla

Name: Sandra Puebla

Major(s): Political Sci-Public Law-B.A.

Year in School: First-semester transfer

Mentor: Beatrix Hoffman

Hometown: Chicago, IL

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I am also involved in:
I am involved in the Pre-Law Honors Society, a club that gives information and advice to any student interested in going to law school. Apart from that I am also part of NIU's Honors Program, a rigorous academic program. I am also taking the time to get involved with events hosted by the Latino Resource Center, in order to familiarize myself with NIU's Latino community.

Scholarships I have received include:
I've received merit scholarships from NIU for my 3.6 GPA.

An academic goal
I plan to focus on Immigration Policy throughout my undergraduate career. I would like to continue to research the different Immigration policies throughout American history and how previous laws set precedents for future laws. I plan to work with the Latino community in order to make an impact on important topics such as helping undocumented students afford college. After I get my bachelors in Political Science and History, I would like to go to Law School.

Career goal: 
My goal is to get my J.D. from an Ivy League school. I want to practice Civil Law and work with non-profit organizations such as the NAACP. I hope to one day run for mayor of Chicago. As a native Chicagoan and a CPS alum, I have experienced the crooked educational system and the gun violence first hand. I wish to one day give back to my community and start an organization that help low-income students engage in the arts and sciences in order to keep them off the streets and away from gangs.

How will Research Rookies help you further your academic and career goals?
Since I plan on becoming a policymaker, focusing on immigration policy, knowing the history of immigration regulations would give me a huge advantage. Being able to work with a faculty mentor in my department will help me learn about the research process in ways that I could not learn f I were to do this independently. Research rookies provides a support system so if I feel like giving up, they will help guide me. I plan to continue this research even after graduation and familiarize myself with unjust policies and use this to make a difference in American immigration policy.

What hobbies to you enjoy? What do you do in your free time? And/or what are a few fun facts about you?
I love to read! I am in love with politics. I read Aristotle and Plato and all the famous political philosophers in order to build an idea of what a perfect democratic system looks like. I also enjoy working out and swimming. I spend a lot of time researching relativity and dinosaurs with my eight year old brother. We love to learn new things together! I enjoy participating in protests and several other political demonstrations.