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Fall 2018 Themed Learning Communities


Pre-enrollment will begin in February 2018. To pre-enroll in one of these Themed Learning Communities, please use our online pre-enrollment form and we will enroll you in your courses before you come to orientation if you meet all of the requisites of the learning community and the courses in it.

Please note that all courses are subject to change until January 31, 2018.

For more information about the available TLC bundles, please email


Open to all Freshmen

Making Your Case for Law School

  • PHIL 231 Contemporary Moral Issues (Section T105, Class number 4658)
  • COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Section T106, Class number 2796)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T104, Class number 2677)

Psychology: Growing a Mindset for Success

  • PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology (Section T207, Class number 4939)
  • ENGL 103 Rhetoric and Composition (Section TLC4, Class number 2984)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T206, Class number 2681)

Psychology: Explorations of Perception

  • PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology (Section T204, Class number 5978)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T209, Class number 2683)

Rappin’ and Writin’

  • BKST 200 Racism in American Culture and Society (Section T120, Class number 6070)
  • BKST 302 Topics in Black Studies (Section T121, Class number 4803)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T122, Class number 2679)

Open to Undecided Majors

Career and Major Exploration

  • SOCI 170 Introduction to Sociology (Section T804, Class number 4198)
  • COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Section T805, Class number 4623)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T806, Class number 2707)

Open to College of Health and Human Sciences Freshmen

Exploring Health Majors

  • CHEM 110 Chemistry (Section T401, Class number 4603)
  • CHEM 111 Chemistry Laboratory (Section T402, Class number 3708)
  • COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Section T403, Class number 2797)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T404, Class number 2686)

Preparing for Health Careers

  • STAT 208 Basic Statistics (Section T405, Class number 4784)
  • STAT 208R Basic Statistics Recitation (Section T4R5, Class number 4785)
  • COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Section T406, Class number 2795)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T407, Class number 2689)

Biology for HHS Majors

  • BIOS 103 General Biology (Section T425, Class number 7679)
  • BIOS 105 General Biology Laboratory (Section T426, Class number 7680)
  • UNIV 101 University Experience (Section T422, Class number 2692)

Open to Majors in Health-Related Fields

Open to Freshman Engineering Majors

Calculus I and Physics I for Engineers

  • MATH 229 Calculus I (Section T303, Class number 3254)
  • PHYS 253 Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics (Section T301, Class number 3994)
  • PHYS 253L Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics Laboratory (Section T302, Class number 3630)

Open to CHANCE Students

Exploring Identity through Paired Reading and Writing

  • LTRE 100P Communication Skills (Reading) (Section T116, Class number 1182)
  • ENGL 103P Rhetoric and Composition (Section TLC3, Class number 4857)

Open to Business Students

Business and Society

  • UBUS 101 (Section T501, Class number 1857)
  • COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Section T502, Class number 5487)


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