Undergraduate Research

STEM Work Group

STEM Education at NIU: Critical Strategies for Moving Forward Report (PDF File)

Meeting schedule/agenda/minutes


  • Marilyn Bellert
    Center for P-20 Engagement
  • Jon Carnahan   
  • David Changnon*   
  • Brianno Coller
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Ken Gasser
    Biological Sciences
  • Renique Kersh
    Engaged Learning
  • Jon Miller
    Biological Sciences
  • Daniel Rogness
    Computer Science
  • Kurt Schultz
  • Federico Sciammarella
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Earl Seaver
    Vice Provost
  • Masih Shokrani
    Allied Health and Communicative Disorders
  • M. Cecil Smith
    Educational Psychology
  • John Wolfskill
  • C. Sheldon Woods
    Teaching and Learning


2010-2011 STEM Work Group Priorities and Sub-committees

Action Plan #3:  Adopt policies and practices that aggressively promote high-quality teaching STEM programs at NIU.

Sub-committee Members:
Cecil Smith, Educational Psychology
Brianno Coller, Mechanical Engineering
Ken Gasser, Biological Sciences
Jon Miller, Biological Sciences

Action Plan #5:  Make scientific literacy the fourth core competency for NIU students and adopt strategies for effective implementation of this policy.

Sub-committee Members:
Jon Carnahan, Chemistry
David Changnon, Geography
Masih Shokrani, Allied Health and Communicative Disorders
John Wolfskill, Mathematics

Action Plan #11:  Expand the size, academic quality and diversity of the STEM candidate pool through aggressive outreach and targeted recruitment of high-value students in regional high schools and community colleges.

Sub-committee Members:
Marilyn Bellert, Center for P-20 Engagement
Federico Sciammarella, Mechanical Engineering
Pati Sievert, STEM Outreach