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Spring 2014 Management Teams

Spring Fever

Thursday, March 20 & April 17

Spring Fever

Becky Haq, Colin Martin, Felicia Lippold, Katherine Wartenbe, Cynthia Vazquez

Felicia Lippold

Hi, I’m Felicia Lippold. I am a Hospitality Administration major at NIU. I am currently graduating in August of this year. I am so excited to start my life in the real world. I have been obsessed with coffee for a few years now, and I decided I wanted to own a coffee shop. I think it would be an awesome accomplishment. However, as I started taking more and more hospitality classes I learned that event planning would be a rewarding career. I am still on the fence, but maybe I could do both! Our restaurant, Spring Fever, is full of spring inspired dishes to prepare our customers for a new season. I hope you enjoy our menu!

Katherine Wartenbe

Hello, my name is Katherine Wartenbe. I am a junior at NIU. My major is Nutrition and I hope to graduate in 2015 (bearing all goes according to plan). I became interested in nutrition while I was attending my local community college. After I took a couple nutrition related course I found myself paying more attention to how I was preparing my dinners every night. I also became aware of what I was not only putting in my body but, what I was putting in my boyfriend’s body and that of his six year old son. I hope to use this knowledge I learn from these classes I’m taking to not only make me a healthier person but the people around me as well. Our restaurant theme is Spring Fever. We choose this theme I think simply because we are tired of winter and thick and hearty foods that go with it. The ridiculous amounts of snow we have gotten and the cold temperatures have made us all long for a warmer season and the foods that go with it. Our themes purpose is to not only give everyone a taste of spring but to also give them a reminder that its just around the corner. Winter won't last forever, better days are ahead.

Becky Haq

Hello there, my name is Becky Haq and I am a junior studying Nutrition and Dietetics. I will be graduation in May 2015 and I am both excited and nervous to see where/ what I end up. I currently work at Gilbert Dining Hall and I am a Northern Ambassador. I am also a member of the Student Dietetic Association. If I had to pick three foods to live off of for the rest of my life they would include pancakes, steak burritos, and pineapples. My goal is to eventually work in a developing country and assist the malnourished. . If I had to pick three foods to live off of for the rest of my life they would include pancakes, steak burritos, and pineapples. Our restaurant was created in hopes of creating menu to reflect on fresh and seasonal menu items and I hope you can take back from your experience here to eat fresh, seasonal and local. Enjoy.

Colin Martin

Hello, I'm Colin Martin and I'm a junior Hospitality major here at NIU. After graduation in spring of 2015, I would love to work in the resort industry, and eventually run one of my own. The people is what helps me thrive in this industry, so I encourage all to come and enjoy our seasonal cuisine on March 20 and April 17th! See you there!