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Spring 2014 Management Teams

Southern Comfort

Tuesday, March 18 & April 15

Southern Comfort

Blake Glosson, Tori Halbur, Caitlyn Ziarko, Keely Becker, Amanda Knerr

Caitlyn Ziarko

Caitlyn Ziarko transferred to NIU in 2012 and is now a junior in the nutrition and dietetics program. She is an active member of the Student Dietetic Association and spends her free time volunteering at Meals on Wheels. Although she was raised in Chicago, Caitlyn was always interested in spicy Southern foods.

Amanda Knerr

Amanda Knerr is a junior at Northern Illinois University, where she studies nutrition and dietetics. She managed a gym for seven years until she became a personal trainer. Personal training is what led her to the nutrition field. She loves everything about food, but specifically wants to help people make better food choices to ensure they live their best life possible. Her ultimate goal is to open her own gym where she can train and guide people to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Tori Halbur

Tori Halbur is a senior nutrition and dietetics major at NIU. She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and she came to Northern Illinois on full scholarship to play volleyball. Her last season was fall of 2013. She enjoys cooking and eating, especially desserts. Her dream career would be to become a sport nutritionist and work with athletes and potentially professional teams someday.

Keely Becker

Keely Becker is a junior hospitality administration major and is also getting a minor in marketing. She hopes to go into the gaming industry in Las Vegas once she graduates. She is excited to serve a southern style menu at Ellington’s this semester, so the NIU community can try new things on campus. 

Blake Glosson

Blake Glosson is a junior nutrition and dietetics major at NIU. He has a passion for fitness and nutrition and he enjoys learning how food is metabolized and how it impacts the body. He aspires to own a personal training facility to help people maximize their health through nutrition and exercise.