Comida Fresca - NIU - Ellington's

Spring 2014 Management Teams

Comida Fresca

Thursday, March 27 & April 24

Comida Fresca

Megan Krage, Emily Mead, Willie O'Bannon, Kasie Kephart, Lyndsey Wydra, Jill Saiki

Jill Saiki

My name is Jill Saiki. I am a Nutrition and Dietetics major. I enjoy eating healthy and working out. I played golf for the Northern Illinois Women’s Golf team. I would have to say I have tried many sports growing up, from golf to basketball and even gymnastics.  I have also tried my fair share of instruments, however, my favorite will always be the piano. I love to travel to Las Vegas, but I will always consider Hawaii to be my home.

Kasie Kephart

My name is Kasie Kephart and I am a junior in the Nutrition and Dietetics program here at NIU. Growing up, my family was always self-conscious about how they looked and what they ate. I grew up thinking unrealistic things about food and body image so I became obsessed with food and what food is good or bad for a person. My obsession at the time turned into a passion and decided this is what I want to do as a living. I want to educate others to enjoy foods in the right way. My group members and I wanted to go with a Mexican theme because we all love Mexican food. However, Mexican food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. With the right ingredients a person can make anything healthy. We wanted to show the public that Mexican food doesn’t always have to be bad for you to taste good. We hope you enjoy our fresh tasting food!

Emily Mead

My name is Emily Mead. I am a Nutrition and Dietetics Major while also studying a Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor. I’m a junior and am set to graduate in May of 2015. In my spare time I love to read, write, cook, and play volleyball. I want to become a registered dietician or one day open up my own business.

Willie O’Bannon

Hello, my name is Willie O’Bannon, Executive Chef, and I am a Senior here at Northern Illinois University, majoring in Hospitality Administration. As a child, Culinary has always been my passion and I enjoy it a great deal. Being able to construct something with my hands that brings joy to others is a skill many appreciate. After graduating from NIU I plan to return to Culinary School at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago to finish my Culinary Degree! I plan to go into restaurants and catering in the immediate future.

Lyndsey Wydra

Hi my name is Lyndsey Wydra, I’m a senior Hospitality Administration major. I’m graduating in December of 2014. I plan to pursue a career in the Hotel industry once I graduate. I’m currently taking FCNS 320 and am very excited to run Ellington’s Restaurant in the Holmes Student Center. My groups’ cuisine is Mexican and our restaurant name is Comida Fresca. I am very passionate about cooking so this class is a great opportunity for me to learn more about food service. I’m a very outgoing person and enjoy working in groups so this class is perfect for me!

Megan Krage

My name is Megan Krage and I am a junior here at Northern Illinois University. Before I switched my major to Nutrition, I was an Exercise Science major. I loved learning the abundance of that world but I found where I shined most and that was the nutrition areas. My life is food. Growing up I was obsessed with Emeril Lagasse and learning how to cook. I was also very interested in what was good for me, odd yes, but that doesn’t take away from the foodie inside me either. All I can say is food is my passion, my life. I love intense layers of flavors and I am always experimenting with things I have never tried; and I truly feel that is one major concept of nutrition. Learning not to be bland and doing abstract things with food that you would never think of. One day I hope to help reconstruct and renovate school lunches.