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Spring 2014 Management Teams

Le Dejeuner

Thursday, March 6 & April 10

Le Dejeuner

Jessie Ettinger, Demi Pelsor, Thomas Pruiett, Danielle Miskewitch, Amy Caruana

Danielle Miskewitch
General Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Miskewitch.  I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration.  After I graduate, I will be looking into specializing in meeting planning for bigger corporations.  Eventually, I would love to go into the restaurant industry and become a certified trainer for managers and employees, I hope you enjoy our traditional French food! Bon Appétit!

Amy Caruana
Executive Chef

Bonjour!  My name is Amy Caruana.  I am currently a junior at NIU and am majoring in nutrition and dietetics with an emphasis in sports nutrition.  I am a part time student due to the fact that I am a small business owner in Rockford, Illinois.  We have put a lot of time and thought into our menu for Le Dejeuner in hopes that you will have a very enjoyable experience.  Here's to good friends and good food!

Jessie Ettinger
Sous Chef

Hi! My name is Jessie Ettinger and I am a junior hospitality administration student graduating in May 2015.  I would like to go into meeting planning or the entertainment business.  I’ve always loved cooking since it is an important tradition in my family.  The Le Dejeuner family is proud of our menu and would love to share it with you! I hope you enjoy the food as much as we do!

Demi Pelsor
Marketing Manager

Hello! My name is Demi Pelsor and I am graduating this May with a Bachelor of Sciences in Hospitality Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Management with an emphasis in Leadership, a minor in Innovative Entrepreneurship, and a Certification in Social Entrepreneurship.  After graduation I hope to find a job within the realm of event planning.  I want to eventually own my own Event Planning business that caters to making events more attainable to those businesses in the social sector.  The Le Dejeuner family and I hope you enjoy our take on traditional French food!

Thomas Pruiett
Dining Room Manager

Hi my name is Thomas Pruiett, I am majoring in Hospitality Administration. I love my major and all that it has to offer me and my future goals.  I enjoy working within the restaurant industry and have gained experience in areas such as serving, cooking, and becoming a shift leader. I hope to one day own my own business with the help of my uncle who has run several successful businesses of his own. I am looking forward to my experiences this semester to help me with that goal.  I will be gladly assisting my other classmates every Thursday at Ellington’s and if you would like to try the menu I helped create please come by to experience a taste of France at Le Dejeuner at Ellington’s.