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Spring 2014 Management Teams

A Walk Back In Time

Tuesday, April 29

A Walk Back In Time

Kelly Drought, Afreen Papa, Brianne Durfey, Colin Martin

Kelly Drought

Hello, my name is Kelly Drought. I am a senior in the Nutrition and Dietetics program here at NIU. I have decided to further my education and pursue a 4-year medical degree in naturopathic medicine. As a naturopathic doctor, I will integrate modern medicine with natural healthcare modalities and focus on whole-person wellness rather than only treating symptoms. I truly believe diet and nutrition is the foundation of health and I will use my nutrition knowledge to benefit my patients. As many of us are moving forward in our careers and education, Ellington’s alumni day will be a special occasion that reminds us of all the good times spent at NIU. I invite you to join us on April 29th to be a part of this celebration and look forward to serving you and providing a memorable experience to all of our guests!

Afreen Papa

Hello everyone! My name is Afreen Papa and I am a senior at Northern Illinois University. I am a double major in Biology and Nutrition & Dietetics with a minor in Chemistry. I plan on going to medical school in the future and I want to use my nutrition background to be a better doctor. I think I will be able to use my nutrition background to educate people and make a difference in reducing the epidemic of obesity and related diseases that are prevalent in the United States. I am really excited for Ellington’s alumni day and feel it’s a great opportunity to celebrate Northern Illinois University and to thank Joan for being a great teacher, as I graduate and move towards a new future. Looking forward to seeing you on April 29th and hoping to provide a wonderful experience to all our guests!

Brianne Durfey

Hi, my name is Brianne Durfey and I am a senior in the Nutrition and Dietetics program and will continue my studies in Exercise Physiology for my Master’s here at NIU. My future goal is to help individuals and communities obtain a healthier lifestyle. In an effort to fight the growing epidemic of obesity, I specifically want to help children and adolescents. This day is very special for me in that it will be my last experience with FCNS 320. Being a part of the Teaching Assistant staff, I have been around this operation for the past three semesters and have gotten to know a lot of the other staff, as well as the students. I would like to thank Joan and Janie for giving us this opportunity to create this last, momentous experience. I hope that I will get the privilege to serve you with excellence and precision at A Walk Back In Time.

Colin Martin

Hello, I'm Colin Martin and I'm a junior Hospitality major here at NIU. After graduation in the spring of 2015, I would love to work in the resort industry, and eventually run one of my own. It's a real pleasure to be able to experience this special alumni day and work with so many who have made this operation a success. I'm really excited and hope I can provide you with the same fun filled experience as it is for me and the rest of Ellington's staff. I welcome you all to come out and enjoy A Walk Back In Time with us and Mrs. Quinn on April 29th. See you there!