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Spring 2013 Management Teams

Waterfront Café 

Thursday, March 21 and April 18, 2013

Waterfront Cafe

Jay Lee, Crystal Peterson, Joe Cavanaugh, Angelica Mason

Jaewook Lee

My name is Jaewook Lee.  I am from South Korea and transferred from the College of DuPage.  I am a Junior Nutrition and Dietetics major.  I love to play soccer with my friends.  I am a cat person; I have two kitties at my home and I love them so much!  They are a part of my family.  I am a very shy and quiet person, but I am also very friendly.

Joe Cavanaugh 

My name is Joe Cavanaugh.  I am twenty years old and a junior at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb.  I am studying Nutrition and Dietetics in the school of Health and Human Sciences.  I plan on graduating in May of 2014.  Furthermore, I plan on attending graduate school to become a registered dietician.  I am very interested in physical activity and being active.  I plan on becoming certified as a personal trainer in the future.  Apart from my academics, I love sports and I am an avid Chicago Bulls and Bears fan.

Angelica Mason

Hi there!  My name is Angelica Mason.  I am currently a fourth year student at Northern Illinois University studying Hospitality Administration as well as Business Administration.  As of now, my anticipated graduation date is be May of 2014.  I have four passions in my life at this moment:  my family, my cat, my boyfriend, and food.  My family is the reason why I am in school; they support me and motivate me to be more than just some “joe-schmo”.  Likewise, my loving boyfriend is the love of my life and also pushes me to be more than meets the eye.  My cat is just a darling; she is adorable and she has personality, just like me.  I am a big “foodie!”  I breathe, think, and sleep food; it is beautiful, wondrous, and a natural healer of all worries.  My excitement in life is due to these four wonderful factors and I would not change it for the world!

Crystal Petersen

Hello!  My name is Crystal Petersen and I am the Dining Room Manager at the Waterfront Cafe.  I am a senior majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics.  My hopes are to graduate in December of 2013.  One of my biggest passions in life is traveling.  I truly enjoy experiencing different cultures and having the opportunity to try local foods.  One day I wish to travel to the Northeastern coastal region of the United States.  Until then, I hope you are excited to join us at Waterfront Cafe for a delicious Northeastern coastal lunch and a wonderful experience!