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Spring 2013 Management Teams

From Russia With Love 

Tuesday, March 5 and April 9, 2013

From Russia With Love

Drew Vojslavek, Taylor Ann Kotel, Carolina Applebee, Abigail Dapaal, Lindsay Schroeder

General Manager: Lindsay Schroeder

Hello, my name is Lindsay Schroeder and I am majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. After graduation, my goal is to get a dietetic internship and become a registered dietitian. After that I am hoping to get a teaching certificate and become a teacher for a nutrition course. I love being around people and helping out people in need and that is why I feel that nutrition and dietetics is a perfect field for me to go into. My group members and I decided to do Russian food because we wanted to do something that would challenge us. We are excited to serve our guests authentic Russian cuisine.

Dinning Room Manager: Taylor Kotel

Hello and welcome to our restaurant, From Russia with Love! My name is Taylor Ann Kotel, and I am looking forward to a wonderful experience in serving you. I have a passion for Nutrition and a strong interest in the medical field. It brings me joy to know when I know I can care for and help people in need which is why I would really love to be a Clinical Registered Dietitian one day. My favorite things to do are exercising and reading. I love motivating friends in the gym and researching new work outs. One day I also hope to teach a Zumba or Pilates class. My goal is to have you step away from your regular cuisine and to try our delicious Russian dishes. Enjoy!

Executive Chef: Carolina Applebee

Hello, I am Carolina Applebee. I am a senior here at Northern Illinois University studying Nutrition and Dietetics. I hope to one day become a registered dietician and work for the WIC program because being the mother of a crazy, beautiful three year old, I have used WIC and hope to give back one day and help women who may not have the strong nutritional background that I have to raise healthy babies and toddlers. I absolutely love to cook and I look forward to bringing our patrons elegant, hearty, authentic Russian cuisine. Russian cuisine is new to Ellington’s this semester, which makes me extremely excited to provide a new experience to the customers. I look forward to cooking for everyone who comes to From Russia with Love!

Sous Chef: Drew Voislavek

Hello! My name is Drew Vojslavek. I am a junior at NIU studying nutrition & dietetics. One day I hope to become a registered dietician working in a clinical setting. What excites me most about our cuisine is that it gives the customers a very different dining experience while still offering healthy options. I think most people will be delightfully surprised by our authentic Russian cuisine and hopefully it will inspire them to step out and try other ethnic foods. I am looking forward to providing all our customers with a phenomenal dining experience that they won’t forget!

Marketing Manager: Abigail Dapaah

Hello Ladies and gentlemen, My Name is Abigail Dapaah. I am a senior in Nutrition and Dietetics program, here in NIU. I love helping and meeting people and wish to work for WIC one day. I believe nutrition plays a big role in our overall health and wellbeing. I love trying different cuisines, and am excited to introduce you to our restaurant “From Russia with Love”. Russian cuisine is great for the winter season. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa and I have always wanted to try different foods from around the world. Come join us in serving you our delicious meals from Russia.