Pueblas - NIU - Ellington's

Spring 2013 Management Teams


Tuesday, March 26 and April 23, 2013


Lynda Firmiss, Sarah Raila, Keturah White, Cesar Lopez

Lynda Firmiss

Hello, and welcome to Ellington’s. My name is Lynda Firmiss and I am the General Manager and Marketing Manager for Puebla’s at Ellington’s. This is my first year here at Northern Illinois University as a Nutrition and Dietetics major and I will be graduating in December 2014. I plan on obtaining my internship and Master’s degree here at NIU before I continue on my journey of becoming a registered dietician. In my personal life, I love exploring different foods and recipes to expand my horizon and I am excited about the Mexican dishes that we have chosen for you to savor here at Pueblo’s. They are filled with some exceptional choices that I hope you will enjoy when you come dine with us.

Sarah Raila

Hello! My name is Sarah Raila and I am a Hospitality Administration major here at NIU. I am the Dining Room Manager for Puebla's at Ellington's. I will be graduating spring 2014 and hope to pursue a career in hotel management. I am looking forward to this summer when I intern at the Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee! I am very excited about Puebla's menu because of the variety of unique dishes that go above and beyond the stereotypical Mexican cuisine!

Keturah White

Hello, I am Keturah White from Chicago, IL. I am the Executive Chef for Puebla's at Ellington's. This is my fourth year at Northern Illinois University. I am a Hospitality Administration major.

Cesar Lopez

Hello, my name is Cesar Lopez and I am the Sous Chef for Puebla's at Ellington's. I am a senior hospitality major, a member of Omega Delta Fraternity, and I live in DeKalb. I enjoy the culinary arts but I am hoping to go into the hotel industry. I hope to learn as much as possible about the restaurant industry in this class and I will try my best to learn the most possible from this class.