Sano Italiano - NIU - Ellington's

Spring 2013 Management Teams

Sano Italiano

Tuesday, March 19 and April 16, 2013

Sano Italiano

Steven Taylor, Neena Mendoza, Jamie Nelson, Jory Weiss

Steve Taylor

Hello, my name is Steve Taylor and I am a junior in the Dietetics program at Northern Illinois University.  I also work as a personal trainer and rock climbing instructor.  Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, which is why I am so excited about our menu at Ellington's.  I love traditional Italian food, but always feel guilty eating so many calories in one meal.  What we have done is transformed traditional Italian meals into nutrient packed, low calorie masterpieces.  This is a menu that an Italian food enthusiast will enjoy without the guilt.  I look forward to seeing our patrons smile as they enjoy our healthy and delicious meals.

Jory Weiss 

Hello, my name is Jory and I am a Hospitality major at N.I.U. Someday I would like to visit Italy, but until then, I thought I would bring Italy to Ellington's. I hope you enjoy our cuisine as much as I enjoy serving it! Ciao!

Neena Mendoza

Hello, my name is Neena Mendoza. I am a junior, majoring in Hospitality Administration. I’m looking forward to delivering a wonderful, healthy meal for staff and friends at Northern to enjoy.

Jamie Nelson 

Hello! Jamie Nelson is my name. I am in the Dietetics program at N.I.U. When not in school I enjoy reading, camping, and having adventures with my fiance and future step daughter. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years, from hosting to management. Interning at Walt Disney World taught me the meaning of outstanding service and hospitality. Come try Sano Italiano at Ellington's so we can exceed your expectations!