An Afternoon in Barcelona - NIU - Ellington's

Spring 2013 Management Teams

An Afternoon in Barcelona

Tuesday, February 26 and April 2, 2013


Ryan Mecking, Adriana Raino, Lauren Bell, Angela Skrzypiec

Ryan Mecking

My name is Ryan Mecking and I am currently a Nutrition and Dietetics major here NIU.  I am the Sous chef for An Afternoon in Barcelona.  I am extremely outgoing and enjoy making others laugh.  Our team has worked hard in creating an authentic and flavorful menu that will hopefully bring the essence of Spain to Dekalb.   I hope you will enjoy yourself while trying our traditional and exotic Spanish food.

Adriana Raino

My name is Adriana Riano, I am majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. My job during this amazing project is General Manager and Marketing Manager. The theme of “An Afternoon in Barcelona” was inspired by the exotic and beautiful country of Spain. Seafood and Spanish flavors are some of my favorites, and have become very popular in the last few years. I enjoy cooking, creating new recipes, and working with people. A lot of hard work and joy went into preparing these traditional Spanish dishes and I hope it translates in the flavors and service you will receive at Ellington’s. 

Lauren Bell

My name is Lauren Bell and I am a nutrition and dietetics major and dance minor graduating in the spring of 2014. I am the dining room manager of An Afternoon in Barcelona, a Spanish based cuisine, with exciting and hopefully new flavors you have yet to experience.  I look forward to seeing everyone during our weeks of service and hope you enjoy this menu we have worked so hard to create!

Angela Skrzypiec

Hi everyone, my name is Angela Skrzypiec. I am a Junior here at NIU, in the Hospitality program, and I absolutely love it! I actually started out my life as a student at Joliet Junior College (JJC) in the Culinary Arts program. While there, I took many different classes, specifically honing my skills as a baker. I know this made my father proud, because he’s been a professional baker for over 30 years. After a year and a half and JJC however, I realized the managerial side of the Hospitality industry was what I really wanted to do with my life. So I transferred here to NIU, and I haven’t had any regrets. A lot of thought and heart has gone into the menu at “An Afternoon in Barcelona”, my team and I hope you will come to visit us and taste the flavors of Spain!