Sabor Latino - NIU - Ellington's

Fall 2013 Management Teams

Sabor Latino

Thursday, October 17 and November 14, 2013

Sabor Latino

Kirk Razon, Sarah Kestner, Jeanette Fernandez, Niya Everett

Sarah Kestner

Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah Kestner. I am a Nutrition and Dietetic student here at Northern Illinois University it is my fourth year and I am planning to graduate May of 2014. I enjoy working out frequently and I love cooking for my friends and family. I am the General Manager and Dining room manager of our restaurant and I am looking forward to meeting all of our customers!

Jeanette Fernandez

Jeanette Fernandez was born on September 20, 1991 in Los Angeles, California but grew up half of her life in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a senior studying Hospitality Administration at Northern Illinois University and is graduation fall 2013. After graduation she plans on pursuing a career in the Sports and Leisure sector.

Kirk Razon

Hello there ladies and gentlemen!  My name is Kirk Razon and I am a three year Hospitality Administration and hoping to go into event planning after graduation.  For our restaurant we hope to bring the diverse flavors of Latin America to the Midwest region of DeKalb.  We hope to ex corporate vibrant and bold flavors in our cuisine that will be easily distinguished through your meals well as provide you a pleasurable dining experience.

Niya Everett

My name is Niya Everett; I am a senior Hospitality Major here at NIU.  I enjoy cooking and have always had an interest in food and restaurant industry.  I am the Executive Chef of Sabor Latino, which means I am in charge of the overall execution of the food.  I hope to have a great and productive semester at Ellington’s.