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Fall 2012 Management Teams

Savory Safari

Tuesday, October 16 and November 13, 2012

Savory Safari

Blanca Rojas, Mei Ying Liu, Victoria Baylis, Aimee Carlo, Bre Bock

Aimee Carlo

Aimee is a senior studying Nutrition and Dietetics here at Northern Illinois University. She grew up in Marengo, Illinois and attended McHenry County College for two years before transferring to NIU in 2010. Aimee loves animals, and as a result has been a vegetarian most of her life. Her quest to be a “healthy vegetarian” sparked her interest in nutrition. In the future; she plans to work with cancer or heart disease patients in some capacity.

Blanca Rojas

Blanca Rojas is a senior at Northern Illinois University who is graduating in December of 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Administration. She is very excited about taking FCNS 320 this semester- it will for sure bring a new and fun experience and hopes that her customers would enjoy their restaurants theme, which is Africa. In the future she wishes to open up her own Cafe style of restaurant hoping that she would be very successful.

Meiying Liu

Meiying Liu is a Chinese student who is studying hospitality administration major at NIU. She just became a senior this semester and will be graduating next year. She has been in America for two years so far. Experiencing the different culture brings her a whole new understanding about this country, and also she is just starting to know what real western food is. If it is possible to find a job in the US., Meiying Liu would like to stay here and hopefully have a chance to travel around America.

Victoria Baylis

Victoria Baylis is a Nutrition and Dietetics major at Northern Illinois University. She has always been interested in nutrition and cooking and hopes to work as a Dietitian in a hospital or clinical setting after graduation. She also enjoys discovering new cuisines and styles of cooking, and she is looking forward to introducing the African themed menu to Ellington’s patrons.

Breanna Bock

Breanna Bock is the sous chef at Savory Safari. She is a senior at Northern Illinois University and will be completing her second Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics this spring. She completed her degree in Exercise Science in 2010 and is working as a personal trainer while completing this degree. Her goal after graduation is to become a registered dietician and work in diabetes care. She strives to one day be a diabetes educator. She loves cooking and enjoys experimenting with new textures and flavors. She is very excited about introducing African food to Ellingtons. She hopes that you will be ready to explore new and exciting flavors. Welcome to Savory safari!