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Fall 2012 Management Teams

Taste of Asia

Thursday, November 1 and December 6, 2012

Taste of Asia

Steven Kim, Julie Estrada, Audra Davey, Mitch Navurskis, Carla Young

Audra Davey

Hello and welcome to Taste of Asia!  My name is Audra Davey and I am a junior in the Nutrition and Dietetics program here at NIU.  I come to the program with 2 other degrees, one in Agricultural Business and one in Science Education, which are very closely related to the study of nutrition and the practice of dietetics.  After completion of the Nutrition and Dietetics program and a subsequent internship, I hope to become a Registered Dietitian.  I am very passionate about showing people that healthy food does not have to be bland and boring, but instead can be very exciting and fulfilling.  I look forward to serving you our exciting and innovative East Asian menu!

Carla Young

My name is Carla Young, and as the General Manager of Taste of Asia, it is with great pride to serve our guests fine quality food with excellent service here at Ellington’s.  As a part-time senior Nutrition and Dietetics major graduating in May, I am also employed full-time on campus as a Medical Technologist in Health Services.  My background in the medical field provides an excellent knowledge base in nutrition and dietetics with experience in biochemical interpretation and general patient care.  As a Type 1 diabetic for 45 years, upon graduation my goal is to continue my education, as well as to develop a campus program for students with diabetes by serving as a resource for much needed information, and identifying ways for them to effectively manage their condition in terms of their busy lifestyles.

Julia Estrada

Welcome to Ellington’s! My name is Julia Estrada.  I am a senior at Northern Illinois University and I am pursuing a major in Nutrition and Dietetics.  I want to eventually complete a dietetic internship and at the same time obtain a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.  My ultimate goal is to become a Registered Dietitian with an emphasis on community or clinical nutrition.  I enjoy eating all types of food, especially if it is made with healthful ingredients.  I volunteered at Ellington’s last spring semester to help the students in the Quantity Food Production Lab course complete their recipes.  This semester, I have the opportunity to be in the class and I am looking forward to a successful semester.  I hope to have you dine at Ellington’s this semester.  Expect a great menu and a great dining experience!

Mitch Navurskis

Hi my name is Mitchel Navurskis and I am a Hospitality student at Northern Illinois University.  I’ve been working in the Hospitality industry since I was 17 years old.  I’ve worked at Portillos’s, Walt Disney World, and Goose Island.  Upon graduation I want to open my own bar/restaurant.  I believe the Hospitality industry is very fun and exciting industry to be part of.  You never know who you might meet while working in this industry. 

Steven Kim

My name is Steven Kim. I am a senior at Northern Illinois University majoring in Hospitality Administration with a minor in Business Administration.  My expected graduation date is in May 2013.  I am hoping to satisfy a lot of people this semester with our Asian Cuisine at Taste of Asia and make sure of an outstanding performance