Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory

Lab Overview:

The lab is equipped to assist students with designing, constructing, testing and experimenting with both analog and digital circuits. Tools such as SPICE, ISE (digital design tools by Xilinx, Inc.), ModelSim (digital simulator by Mentor Graphics), LASI (layout design tool), and Mentor Graphics are utilized in this lab. The lab is further equipped with FPGA boards and facilities for digital prototyping. The lab emphasis is to provide students with digital and analog design experience, as well as the FPGA-based courses. In addition, the lab supports those who do their senior design projects or MS thesis related to integrated circuit designs.

A recently added feature to this lab is the possibility for remote access. In this facility, the students of FPGA-based design courses may remotely access the lab through the Internet. They can turn the development boards on, implement their designs, reconfigure the FPGA chips, and experiment all from distances.

Lab Contact Info:

Engineering Building, Room 301
Dr. Hashemian

Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory Photo

Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory Photo