Microwaves and Electromagnetics Laboratory




Lab Overview:

The microwaves and electromagnetics laboratory is set up to pursue research on microwaves and RF engineering as well as aid teaching classes such as Antenna Design, Microwave Circuit Design, and Beam Instrumentation. The facility includes an anechoic chamber that can be used to perform antenna pattern measurements and EMC testing. Equipped with microwave training kits, antenna measurement setup, and computers with computational electromagnetics software tools, the laboratory helps students gain hands on experience in design, simulation, fabrication and measurement of microwave circuit components.

Recently, the functionality of the laboratory has been expanded by the merge of the communications area and special projects. Thus, unique systems which extend outside the microwave area may be addressed.

Recently, a student group became involved with a magnetic oscillator using saturated core reactors. The laboratory has produced a variety of systems extending from model railroad electronics to wireless communication antennas.

Lab Contact Info:

Engineering Building, Room 
Dr. Demir and Dr. Mcginn