Graduate Programs

Prospective M.S. Students

In general, admission to the graduate program in electrical engineering requires a baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering. Applicants are also encouraged to contact the graduate study director if they hold a degree in related areas such as computer science, physics, mathematics, or engineering.

Applicants are required to submit GRE (general) score, TOEFL score (if native language is not English), undergraduate transcripts (send individual marksheets and not consolidated marksheets) , letters of recommendation, and other supporting materials required. Applicants are encouraged to outline their research interests as specifically as possible in their statement of purpose, as this will ensure your application to be reviewed by professors who are likely to serve as your academic advisor(s).

A student at large who intends to pursue a master's degree should contact the department chair for advising. The maximum number of credit hours to be transferred from student-at-large status to the regular M.S. program shall not exceed nine credit hours. Please contact the department for more information.