About Us


Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Northern Illinois University! I am happy and proud to introduce you to our faculty and staff who are second to none. The instruction and research that we put forth is recognized throughout the industry as timely and progressive.

In 1995, we took occupancy of our new facilities which include extensive laboratory facilities. I personally invite you to tour our robotics and sensor lab, a microelectronic design lab, a class 100 clean room, an application oriented DSP lab with an anechoic chamber, an RF communications lab with a walk-in shielded enclosure, an out-of-doors antenna testing tower, a dedicated computer lab, an image processing facility, and a biomedical signal analysis lab.

Photo of Dr. Abdel-Motaleb

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb

All of the equipment we employ is state-of-the-art representation of exactly that which is found in the commercial sector. Our undergraduate multipurpose laboratory serves the needs of students performing both analog and digital experiments.

We're young and we're quickly becoming known for providing an unbeatable educational experience. Yet our heritage stems from a comprehensive university established for over 100 years. Promise yourself a visit with us. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb, Ph.D., P.E. 
Department Chair & Professor