Department of Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering curriculum will equip students with the basic competence and job skills needed to design, develop, and operate technologies that generate and use electricity, such as machinery, electronics, communications, and computers.

Undergraduate students majoring in the electrical and computer engineering emphasis study a rigorous four-year program.

Students in the biomedical engineering emphasis follow a program in one of two tracks: one for biomedical engineers or one for those entering a medical field.

The graduate program is designed to stimulate creativity and to provide an in-depth understanding of the basic physical phenomena involved in electrical systems.

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers an integrated B.S./M.S. option. The integrated program allows students to obtain a B.S. and M.S. degree in as few as five years. Interested students should speak with their  academic advisor and apply for admission to the NIU Graduate School at the beginning of their senior year.

Video - Electrical Engineering at NIU