X-ray Safety

Radiation producing machines, X-Ray equipment, are valuable research and medical tools when used properly.  Northern Illinois University is a state licensed X-Ray facility and as such, the Radiation Safety Office will work with personnel to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations governing the use of radiation producing equipment in University research and the University Health Services.  The Office provides training to all levels of personnel and, as necessary, provides monitoring for radiation in X-Ray laboratory spaces.

In order to use radiation producing equipment as an Authorized User at NIU, interested faculty members must submit an application to the Radiation Safety Committee for review and approval.  Forms are available below.  For more information call Dave at 815-753-1093.

Prior to utilization of radiation producing equipment, each operator/user must attend an X-Ray Safety Training session or perform the on-line training below.  Follow the instructions provided.

General Information and Registration 

NIU X-Ray Safety Manual 

Application for Authorized X-Ray User 

To operate x-ray equipment under the authority of an Authorized User (students and lab assistants), fill out the following form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form:

X-Ray Equipment Operator Registration Form 

Contact the RSO at 815-753-1093 for further registration information.

Training Information

The following infomration may be printed out for your convenience. 

X-Ray Safety Training Instructions 

NIU X-Ray Safety Manual 

NIU X-Ray Fundamentals (PPT)
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X-Ray Safety Video 

X-Ray Safety Quiz