Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety             Ionizing Radiation

Radiation and radioactive materials are valuable research tools when used properly.  The Radiation Safety Office works with laboratory personnel to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations governing the use of radiation in research.  The Radiation Safety Office provides training for all levels of personnel; monitoring for radiation and contamination in laboratory spaces; calibration and maintenance of radiation detection instrumentation; and radioactive material ordering, tracking, and waste disposal services for users.

In order to use radiation or radioactive materials at NIU, interested faculty members must submit an application to the Radiation Safety Committee for review and approval.  For more information call Dave at 815-753-1093. 

All persons using radioactive material or working in a lab where radioactive material is used must attend Radiation Safety Training prior to working with or around radioactive material and annually thereafter.

Training Information

Radiation Safety Training Schedule 

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