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Interesting Links for the Future Engineers

Unique resourse differentiating various engineering fields


Electrical engineering. Click here


Mechanical engineering. Click here


Conputer engineering. Click here

A complete guide to STEM for kids (K-12) 

Organized by age and interest, and a section specifically focused on resources and activities for girls. Check It here.

Geeky Girl Engineer

Want to explore some cool stuff related to Civil Engineering or Geological Engineering? Check this out.

Civil Engineering Degree

To know more about Civil Engineering and list of accredited universities offering Civil Engineering Click Here.

Girls Go Tech

No matter where you live , math, science and technology play an important part in your everyday life. Take a look around, and you'll start to notice that math, science and technology are everywhere!

Explore Girls Go Tech

Girl Tech

A very attactive site for the young girl engineers Visit Girl Tech

Girl Start

  • Start Learning.
  • Start Playing.
  • Start Working.
  • Start your life . Start here

Brain Cake

Connect with people and oppurtunities that can make your dreams happen!!!

Connect here

Engineer Girl

Engineer Girl is a program developed by the National Academy of Engineering to let the young women know about the opportunities for them in the field of engineering. Visit the Engineering Girl Website.

Discover Engineering

  • Want to save the planet??
  • Want to help others ??
  • Want to design computers ??

Visit the Discover Engineering Website

Try Engineering

This site is designed to be a resource for students, parents and teachers. This is a portal to information about Engineering and Engineering careers. Visit the Try Engineering Website.

Engineering Alphabet

Are you interested in various engineering fields ranging from aerospace to transportaion? To explore different engineering fields and to read profiles of young engineers visit the ASEE Engineering K12 Center

Civil Engineering and Math

If you are interested in becoming a civil engineer and want to know more about civil engineering, see this post on The Math Forum website.