Mentoring is a vital part of this NIU-EEP program. Networking various mentors with the middle and high school girls via e-mails, would enable young girls who are shy to express themselves at the camps or the Saturday workshops to be really verbal and free to express emotional content. The high school mentors can also benefit from advice from their mentors about how to engage the middle school girls and can also work with their peers and can mutually offer guidance and support based on the experience in their own teams. In this program the following would be established.

  • Cadettes girls’ scouts would be grouped into engineering teams with SWE student members and senior girl scouts as a counselor/mentor for every team.
  • The SWE student members who are the undergraduate and graduate engineering students at CEET would support their specific teams by facilitating large group discussions and leading the team building activities in addition to mentoring the senior girl scout members and the cadettes.
  • The selected senior girl scout members would serve as mentors to all the middle school girls in this program
  • Academic and Professional Mentoring would be facilitated by group, team and one-on-one methods of mentoring.

Questions About e-Mentoring